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Not only is Tera Age committed to delivering quality products, but also quality services. Computerization is a partnership between the two companies, one eager to use information technology (I.T.), and the other to provide. Our commitment and experience in providing business solution is our main differentiator.

The services listed below would reflect well on our service strategy:

Project Management

Providing practical, impartial and real-world advice, we can help clients in setting long-term focus for managing projects, resources, and costs ultimately contributing to an increased ROI. Our team is experienced in a wide variety of project planning and scheduling using world class methodology techniques and software. Our experienced Project Managers can accurately assess the needs and work closely with client to provide a detailed project scope, proactive project monitoring as well as build-in quality assurance controls so the critical projects will never get out-of-hand.

System Implementation

With our industry-top consultant team, we can assure every single task can be carried out smoothly, efficiently and under complete project lifecycle management and controls. We are here to assist client in identifying and reporting variances against budgets and schedules with on-going independent project reviews. Implementation service includes System Installation, End User Training, Parameter Setup, Application Integration, Data Porting and more.


Based on the user requirements, we can customize our applications with our professional advice to fulfill your need. Rather than just customizing the software, we also provide System Analysis, System Specification and End User Training for the new enhancements.

Professional Consultation

We offer end-to-end consultation, covering infrastructure, hardware, system, security and software. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing the right solution for client. We are highly committed to provide feasibility studies, project strategy development, delivery quality training as well as providing professional recommendations to our customers. This takes us beyond our own realm so as to serve people better.

Hot-Line Support

Our professional Support Team consists of industry experts and veterans from different areas, such as infrastructure and security design, infrastructure building, security setup, applications service deployment, technical support, application support and project management. With our dedicated support, SPs are no longer alone to strive for success. Whether on-site or remote, we are always available and assist client in getting the job done right and on time.

Tera Age is a quality company. We help user companies to re-engineer business processes using information technology. With more than a decade of experience working with various manufacturing and trading companies, Tera Age can help you improve productivity, reduce cost, develop strategies, and deploy quality initiatives.