20 October, 2016
IndustryConnect@Science Park” -
Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong

IndustryConnect@Science Park was jointly held by Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park on 20th October, 2016 at TecONE at HKSTP. This business collaboration programme aimed to synergise innovation development, increase technology commercialisation opportunities and widen business outreach among the local industries. Mr Andrew Young, Chief Commercial Officer of HKSTP, gave a welcome remark to mark the start of the programme. Mrs. Gianna Hse, Deputy Chairman of Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, and Mr. Joseph Tung, Executive Director of TICHK, followed to deliver opening remarks. The programme was divided into two sessions: “Presentation by HKSTP partner companies” and “Business Matching”.

ISL was honoured to participate as one of HKSTP partner companies to deliver a presentation. Our CEO, Mr Hilton Law, shared our mobile interactive reporting solution - ReportNOW. ReportNOW is a mobile data interchange platform for all organizations. It helps the users to stay connected with business anytime and anywhere with a mobile device on demand. Through ReportNOW, mobile devices can easily link up with the company’s existing database system and generate reports with real-time information or capture immediate data.

After the presentations, a series of Business Matching sessions were held. It targeted to provide an exchange platform for the local and overseas experts to nurture future collaborations with business entities. ISL was again honoured to participate as one of the business matching partners and ISL exchanged the latest information and solution development with different members of the local industry. ISL looks forward to more upcoming opportunities for collaboration.