31 March, 2015
“iPad in Business” Seminar

On 31 March 2015, Apple and Jardine OneSolution held a seminar for iPad in Business. This seminar shared how the iOS new functions can make the business operation more efficiently and protect the business data. The operation of Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for the retail and logistics industry was indroduced. The seminar also elaborarated on how the iOS deployment can help you establish your mobile workforce.

Apple provided iPad for each attendee to try using the Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for entering data and making report through the ReportNOW mobile data interchange platform. It showed how business has embraced the Apple legacy of simplicity and ease of use; what makes iOS such a powerful platform for enabling business; how to utilize the progressive IT approach for empowering users and raising productivity; and how businesses can get close to the company information at all times.

Furthermore, ReportNOW App provided an online questionnaire so that the attendees could simply fill in the comments and easily submit the completed questionnaire through ReportNOW App on the iPad. ReportNOW App provides a lot of assistance in the survey that helps to monitor the work flow, efficiently count the number of filled questionnaires, and collect data for understanding customer opinions within a very short time.