29 March, 2017
Work Experience Movement 2016/17 (3)

ISL participated in the Business – School Partnership Programme (BSPP), a Work Experience Movement, organised by the Education Bureau from 29 to 31 March, 2017. Two secondary students came to ISL. Staff introduced the company background, target customers, company routine tasks to them. They were assigned to help the marketing team. They assisted the marketing team on event management and public relation issues as marketing assistants in order to understand the operation of the company and how different departments cooperate and collaborate together.

To students, it is very difficult to choose their career path. They might feel lost in deciding their future. For the sake of letting students have a better understanding of their career development, this activity aims to provide an authentic learning environment for them to understand different careers, establish right working attitude, widen their exposure to the career world and prepare them to adapt to changes of the world through realistic hands-on experience in the workplace so that they can equip themselves.