29 March, 2018
ISL & IVE Internship Program

Recently, ISL has held a joint internship program called “ReportNOW Business Application Template Building” with the Institution of Vocational Education (IVE) for students who are studying in Higher Diploma in Mobile Applications Development and Higher Diploma in Software Engineering. There were five lessons every Thursday starting from 22 March 2018. In the initial stage, we had around 10 students participating in this project.

During this programme, students learnt to build templates of the business form using ReportNOW. The lesson started with an introduction of the functions on ReportNOW followed by the elaboration of its application in the daily operation. Afterwards, they attempted to create different business forms. At last, their work was reviewed and assessed by the instructors. ISL hopes to help students to enhance their skills with this program in which they could put into practice of what they have learnt.