11 June, 2015
Conzoomer won Silver Award of “Best SME Cloud Adopters” Award

Conzoomer won the Silver Award of “Best SME Cloud Adopters” in the SME Cloud Competition Award Ceremony held by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) on 11 June 2015. Conzoomer is an app development platform developed by Tera Age. The catering industry faces a number of challenges. For instance. it is hard to gather statistics on the manual stamps system. As customers cannot pre-order ingredients, it leads to problems such as insufficient stock and long production time. The restaurant’s menu is not able to provide enough information to customers as well.

Conzoomer utilizes cloud and mobility technology that provides functions such as table reservation, online product reservation, electronic menu (e-Menu), push notification, electronic stamping (e-Stamping) which help Sushi Ma Japanese Restaurant to improve efficiency and customer loyalty.

Among all products, Sushi Ma chose Conzoomer. The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) conducted an interview with the person in charge of Sushi Ma who thinks that Conzoomer is easy to use since even beginners can get started quickly and make good use of every function. Also, in this century, smartphones have been popular. The stamps function in the app is easy to use. As customers do not have to keep the stamp card, human errors can be avoided. Most importantly it helps to attract customers to visit again. Users can put menus, photos in the app, allowing customers to obtain more inforamtion before or after their visit. The classification of the page is neat and clear which meets the needs of Sushi Ma. Moreover, e-M-POWER on Demand cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution was awarded the “Best SME Cloud Solutions”. e-M-POWER on Demand can move production, management and accounting system to the Cloud so as to help trading companies to get close to company information at all times, reduce inventory levels, improve productivity and quality of services. It also helps to automate management in order to reduce human error and costs, maintain high level of safty and stabilize operation's speed.

SME Cloud Competition Award Ceremony celebrate the effective adoption of cloud computing by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the outstanding cloud solutions offered by local service providers to SMEs.