11 June, 2018
IndustryConncect@SP with FHKI & HK Footwear Association

On 11 June 2018 (Monday), ISL participated in a business networking event named “IndustryConect@Science Park” which is jointly organized by Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, the FHKI and the HK Footwear Association at Hong Kong Science Park.

A number of IT companies and Footwear’s retailers and manufacturers were invited to join the event. The purpose of event is to provide a channel for the IT, Footwear’s retailers and manufacturers for any business collaboration and encourage companies to use technology for improving business development.

Our CEO, Mr. Hilton Law, was invited to introduce ReportNOW. ReportNOW is an interactive mobile solution which is compatible with different database systems and provides various formats for real-time two-way reporting on multiple platforms. In addition, users can easily upload instant data unlimitedly to the ReportNOW server over the Internet. Through ReportNOW, either smart phones or tablets can easily link up with the company’s existing database system and generate reports with real-time information or capture immediate data from the mobile devices.