6 February, 2015
HKRMA Retailer Open Day

On 6 Feb 2015, ISL participated in the Retailer Open Day held by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association.

The Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA) focuses on expanding its activities and handling operational, managerial and strategic issues in the retail industry which covered government legislation and policies, industry promotion, training to enhance the professionalism of retail staff, study tours, service and courtesy award, labour issues, salary reviews, environmental issues, security at shop level, internal security, rental/lease issues, information technology, business ethics and codes of conduct, market research and information, etc.

Four seminars were held on the Retailer Open Day about intelligent management solution of cash, O2O branding, google business view and advanced surveillance solutions for retail.

Also, many attendees showed interest in our products and inquired about our Mobility solutions, ReportNOW mobile data interchange platform and Conzoomer business App development platform.