17 December, 2015
ISL celebrates its 30th anniversary and announces its First@Science Park programme that marks another significant milestone along its journey of success

HONG KONG, 17 December, 2015 – Integrated Solutions Limited (“ISL”), a leading total IT company headquartered in Hong Kong Science Park and a supportive partner of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”) is celebrating its 30th anniversary today. Founded in 1985, ISL has worked with a wide range of SMEs and large companies across sectors to computerise their workflows and enhance their competitiveness. Growing and evolving over three decades, the company is currently focusing on the R&D and customisation of scalable cloud-based solutions to help SMEs meet today’s global demands in enterprise cloud and workplace connectivity.

“ISL started off as a start-up in Hong Kong, and has since then successfully grown with Hong Kong over the past 30 years with the dedicated commitment of our staff and the quality relationships we have built with our customers. Another important driving force behind our success is the comprehensive support from HKSTP, who has been providing us with invaluable technical advice, business consultation, marketing support, as well as opportunities to collaborate in R&D projects and participate in networking occasions. If more companies take advantage of HKSTP’s programmes to propel themselves forward, Hong Kong’s innovation and technology ecosystem will certainly flourish,” said Hilton Law, Chief Executive Officer of ISL.

“As for our future, we not only look forward to strengthening our drive for excellence and provision of industry-leading technology at affordable price, we also set our sights on the international market as we strive to become a leading IT solution provider for SMEs in the Asia Pacific region,” added Law.

Broad product lines help SMEs grow their business

ISL’s wide portfolio of intelligent products on offer now includes solutions for enterprise resource planning, human resources management, customer relationship management, mobility solutions and applications serving various industries such as electronics, watchmaking, toys, furniture, retail, bank, distribution and etc.

ReportNOW, one of ISL’s flagship products, is an interactive mobile reporting solution in the market that supports different database systems and various reporting formats. Compatible with a range of major hardware, the solution can be deployed by most companies without additional investment into new equipment. Companies can also access reports remotely via a smart device running on any major operating system anytime, accelerating the decision-making process and improving business agility.

ISL to participate in the First@Science Park programme

In the following months, ISL will partner with HKSTP and participate in the First@Science Park programme that enables technology solutions to be tried out and tested at Science Park for further enhancement. Under this First@ Science Park programme, ReportNOW interactive mobile reporting solution will be deployed in Science Park and be integrated into the Park’s property management system to improve the facility management team’s patrol efficiency in response and work order deployment. This will be the first time for ReportNOW to be internet of things enabled for property management systems for such a large scale deployment. HKSTP will gather user feedback of this new system to facilitate ISL to further improve its solution in the next iteration.

“As one of our earliest incubatees, ISL has shown phenomenal growth over the years. We are proud to witness the company’s becoming a local success story and more importantly, a resilient and sustainable business,” said Andrew Young, Chief Commercial Officer of HKSTP. “Businesses big and small should all explore their options with IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud-based technologies and look for opportunities to expand their capabilities and keep their technology relevant. We are excited to deploy ISL’s solution to accelerate the IoT adoption here.”

“We’re thrilled to work with HKSTP through their First@Science Park Programme. User feedback is essential to us, and because we’re always improving our solutions to suit the diverse needs of our customers, this programme will give our developers clear directions for the road ahead. The support of HKSTP has been, and will continue to be, instrumental to our success,” said Law.

About Integrated Solutions Limited
Established in 1985 with the mission to become the leader in providing professional quality IT solutions for SME's in Asia Pacific, Integrated Solutions Limited (ISL) is a developer of enterprise software applications in Hong Kong for 30 years. ISL has invested a lot of resources in improvement of products and services to provide a wide range of services, including: enterprise resource planning, human resource management, customer relationship management and solutions for mobile devices, to meet the needs of all walks of life in Hong Kong and China.

About Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
Comprising Science Park, InnoCentre and Industrial Estates, Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is a statutory body dedicated to building a vibrant innovation and technology ecosystem to connect stakeholders, nurture technology talents, facilitate collaboration, and catalyse innovations to deliver social and economic benefits to Hong Kong and the region.

Established in May 2001, HKSTP has been driving the development of Hong Kong into a regional hub for innovation and growth in several focused clusters including Electronics, Information & Communications Technology, Green Technology, Biomedical Technology, Materials and Precision Engineering. We enable science and technology companies to nurture ideas, innovate and grow, supported by our R&D facilities, infrastructure, and market-led laboratories and technical centres with professional support services. We also offer value added services and comprehensive incubation programmes for technology start-ups to accelerate their growth.

Technology businesses benefit from our specialised services and infrastructure at Science Park for applied research and product development; enterprises can find creative design support at InnoCentre; while skill-intensive businesses are served by our three industrial estates at Tai Po, Tseung Kwan O and Yuen Long.

More information about HKSTP is available at www.hkstp.org.

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Hilton Law, Chief Executive Officer of ISL (left) and Ir Peter Yeung, Head of Information & Communications Technology Cluster, HKSTP (right) shared how the deployment of ReportNOW interactive mobile reporting solution can be integrated into Science Park’s property management system.