2 December, 2015
FHKI Seminar on Mobile office – Personalize Your Cloud with New Fields

On 2 December 2015, the seminar on Mobile office – Personalize Your Cloud with New Fields was held in FHKI. Many enterprises have gained maximum benefits from its implementation of information technology and have the edge over their competitors by successfully integrating its key business operations. The utilization of diversified information technology solutions has helped to simplify complex technical problems.

In the seminar, Mr. Hilton Law, CEO of ISL introduced how to use one single App to manage different operations of a company, including the trend and research on using the mobile device; the advantages and the various industrial application of the mobile interactive reporting solution; and a case study of the retail industry. Furthermore, Mr. Mathew Chin, Marketing Manager, Product & Mass Market Marketing, Commercial Group of HKT talked about how to establish a secured cloud office and explained about the advantages of cloud application for SME, how to use cloud technology to reduce operation cost, how to choose cloud application & service provider, and reliability and security of the cloud applicaiton.

Many attendees enquired about how ReportNOW integrates the mobile interactive technology with different systems, such as e-leave and the expenses claim functions etc. ReportNOW is a mobile data interchange platform for all organizations. As long as you have a mobile device on hand, you can stay connected with your business anytime anywhere. In addition, users can easily upload instant data unlimitedly to the ReportNOW server over the Internet. Through ReportNOW, either smart phones or tablets can easily link up with the company’s existing database system and generate reports with real-time information or capture immediate data from the mobile devices.