25 August, 2016
APAC Innovation Summit 2016

The APAC Innovation Summit 2016 - Sensors was held on 25th August 2016 at Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Conference Hall. The summit was hosted by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation aiming to explore the new trend and opportunities in the area of sensor technology. The summit was divided into two sessions: “Wellness and Healthcare monitoring” and “Smart City Sensing”. 12 sensor experts from Hong Kong and all over the world joined to share their experience and identify new challenges and trends of sensors. Some of the topics include “Emerging sensor technologies”, “Market trends, industry drivers and development of sensor products”, “Applications of micro-sensors for wellness and healthcare monitoring, smart city sensing and other new areas”, and “Business matching with sensor technology companies, R&D institutes and users”. Owing to the diverse background of the experts, the discussion on “Wellness and Healthcare monitoring” and “Smart City Sensing” sets ground for the various technology sectors and innovative development in the future.

One of the major highlights in the APAC Innovation Summit 2016 was “One-on-one Business Matching”. This session targeted to provide an exchange platform for the local and overseas experts to nurture future collaborations with business entities. ISL is honoured to participate as one of the business matching partners. Through the exchange, ISL interchanges inspiration about application of sensor technology and solution development. ISL looks forward to having more opportunities to collaborate with the experts.