29 April, 2016
“香港人撐香港品牌” Brainstorming Workshop

The fifth Brainstorming Workshop of “香港人撐香港品牌” was successfully held on 29th April 2016 at The Galaxy. The evening was filled with warm atmosphere where participants can communicate, discuss and share related experience directly with the speakers in small groups in just a table distance.

A number of guests were invited to share on that day. They are Bill Chan, President and CEO of ENTERBAY; CK Chan, Head of Sales and Operations of GROUPON; Eric Tang, CEO of Four Directions Limited; and Banner Chris, Founder of e-banner and CEO of e-print. Rio Chow, COO of Tera Age had also presented ReportNOW with the topic “One Mobile App Integrates Your Business Operations”.

The Brainstorming Workshop ended with great success while every party showed great enthusiasm. Hopefully there will be another chance to share more in the future.