18 April, 2018
Work Experience Movement 2017/18 (3)

ISL had participated in the Business – School Partnership Programme (BSPP), a Work Experience Movement, organised by the Education Bureau. In this programme, two secondary students from different schools came to ISL as marketing assistants to learn more about the job nature. The activity started with a brief introduction about the company background, products, services and the daily tasks to the students. In these two days, they were assigned to do marketing research, gather information of events, plan for upcoming promotions and draft public relation articles. Under the staff’s assistance, they finished the tasks and got to know more about the operation in an office.

Through this programme, students gained work experience while getting to understand more about themselves. Moreover, ISL hopes the activity can help students to plan for their future in tertiary education. Not only can they learn more about the job nature but they also have a chance to explore which industry they are most interested in. With this programme, we hope to help them in finding the right career path in future.