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Traditional procurement process can be very time consuming due to the high usage of paper based workflow. As everything is in the hard copy, there is a lack of centralized database to keep track of the vendor and transaction details for future reference.

With our eProcurement Solution, the users can expedite all these time-consuming workflow approval processes from initiating a quotation request to finally purchasing the items in need. An electronic workflow approval system enhances collaboration among various departments of an organization. In essence, the turn around time and paper usage will be greatly minimized.

eProcurement Solution

Benefits to your business:

  • With internet access, users can issue the quotation and place the order anytime and anywhere.

  • Since all requests will be created on the system, time and storage for filing will become unnecessary.

  • Users can ensure that the request is being processed in a timely manner as expiry alert will be sent to the relevant party until the request has been dealt with.

  • Misplacement of the request form will be avoided as all data will be kept securely on the system.

  • The performance ratings of the suppliers' services will provide better references to the decision makers.

  • Relatively low investment cost

Main features :

  • Multi-user remote access. Users residing in different locations are able to issue the "Request for Quotation" and "Material Requisition" through the user friendly web client.

  • Enquiry and reports for RFQ and Material Requisition allows users to trace the history on the fly

  • E-Mail notification will be sent to users upon completion of the approval process.

  • Purchase order, goods received, and inventory control are available on the ERP Desktop Client.

  • Item and Vendor master details can be managed by users with relevant privilege.

  • Performance ratings system is available for comparison of the suppliers

  • The system is developed with Microsoft .net technology

  • The scalable and efficient workflow engine built on the Windows Workflow Foundation Framework is suitable for different company structures.

  • The system can integrate seamlessly with Envision X which is a state-of-the-art trading and accounting software package.

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