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QuoteNOW 2.0 is a mobile application enabling users to create quotations with just a few taps. With its user friendly interface, you can browse the product catalogue and search for the relevant products by Items or by Category with great ease.

You can subscribe to our web-based administration site for managing the product catalogue as well as the quotations for a reasonable monthly fee. You can start creating the quotations on the fly without any set-up cost.

Main Features :

  • The eBasket provides a temporary storage for the product items selected by the user. The items on the eBasket can be turned into a quotation later.

  • The Quotation Centre stores the quotations submitted via the eBasket. Once a quotation is confirmed, the user can post it to the server while an e-mail notification will be sent to the customer automatically.

  • A web administration site is available for managing the item master and the saved quotations. No installation is required on the desktop nor additional disk space is needed for storing your data.

  • QuoteNOW 2.0 can run on both iPad and Android OS.
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